Comprehensive infrastructure and civil construction solutions, tailored to your specific needs!

Safe, Efficient and Reliable.

Comprehensive infrastructure and civil construction solutions, tailored to your specific needs!


Hydrovac Excavation is the only safe way to dig around buried utilities and pipelines. We can safely expose utilities by digging with high pressure water. This prevents traditional mechanical digging from striking a utility and causing significant damages and injuries. Our trucks have a 14 yard debris tank and can legally carry a bigger payload making us more affordable then our competitors on a cost per kg every time.

With our lineup of directional drills and experienced crews we have completed thousands of shallow utility installs including gas, power and telecommunications. HDD is the preferred method of install because it is safer, more efficient and leaves minimal footprint behind upon completion. Allow our team to complete your next utility install.

PTL is the civil utility construction contractor of choice in Alberta. We have the know how and the best equipment available in the industry to install underground telecommunication, power, gas, water or pipelines. Our reputation for safety, productivity and quality are known industry wide. We can take your project from design to completion with our turn key services and industry best practices.

Our experienced Fibre Optic technicians have built and installed thousands of fiber optic lines to our customers across Alberta. From planning to execution our team is the team to do it right the first time. Everyone in Canada deserves to be connected to reliable high speed internet. Let us be the contractor of choice to deliver your next network. City or rural we have the tools and know how to deliver in the most challenging conditions.


PTL is committed to a strong health and safety program that protects its staff, clients, property, environment and the public from accidental loss. To achieve this goal we will comply with all applicable municipal, provincial and federal legislation.

Management, supervisors, workers and contractors are responsible and accountable for the company’s overall safety initiatives outlined in our program. Complete and active participation by everyone, every day, in every job is essential for the health and safety excellence the company expects.

PTL feels it is the right of the workers to work in a safe and healthy work environment. To achieve this, management supports active involvement by all employees in our safety program and will work with them to ensure that proper training, work procedures and equipment are provided as required.

Our goal is to sustain an injury free work environment. This can be accomplished by obeying all safety rules, following recommended work procedures, using personal protective equipment when required, taking necessary training programs, communicating all unsafe work conditions to management immediately, and continuously supporting the company health and safety program.

The policy and procedures contained in our health and safety manual shall be considered the minimum for safety. Legislation shall have precedence over any representation in our safety program, safe work practices and job procedures. It is each and every employee’s responsibility to ensure that they are familiar with, and follow applicable legislation and standards as it applies to them, the workplace and the company.

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